Let’s help Wisconsin residents who need mental health treatment! AB 541 needs to be signed into law! 

SUBJECT: Support AB 541

Dear Governor Evers, 

Please support greater access to mental health care for Wisconsinites through telehealth by signing Assembly Bill 541 into law. This bipartisan bill will help my community by expanding access to care for those who need it. 

As you are well aware, more Wisconsinites are suffering with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and other issues that are keeping them from leading their best lives. This is especially true for school age children. A recent report from the Office of Children’s Mental Health showed that 50% of children with anxiety or depression found it difficult to find mental health care or did not receive care they desperately need. We cannot let this trend continue. That is why I am asking that you sign Assembly Bill 541 and dramatically expand access to care for Wisconsinites of all ages.    

While AB 541 will not solve the mental health care provider shortage, it is a step in the right direction and will help my community by allowing us greater access to care. 

Please support my family and community by supporting the tele-mental health care access bill!

Sign the petition below to let Governor Evers know you support improving access to mental health care for Wisconsinites!