Reforms. Action. Results.

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Who We Are

Dedicated to advancing conservative policy solutions, IRG Action Fund is the 501(c)(4) advocacy partner to the Institute for Reforming Government

Based on the research and ideas for Reforms generated by IRG and other allied groups and leaders, we take Action by advancing legislation in the halls of state government and amplifying community voices in support, and get Results by turning policy solutions into law.

IRG Action Fund has a leadership team with decades of experience including our Board of Directors, Kim Bliss, Andrew Hitt, and Nicole Schneider, and CEO, CJ Szafir.

Roadmap to Success

Developing policy solutions, a “one-stop-shop” of model legislation, talking points and constituent and community support.

Working with lawmakers in the halls of state government to advance major legislation. 

Mobilizing community leaders from all corners of the state to have their voices heard in the legislative process. 

Educating the public through cutting-edge digital and traditional media on conservative reforms. 

What Makes Us Different

IRG Action Fund will be the strategic advocacy and lobbying arm for Institute for Reforming Government, dedicated to turning conservative policy solutions into law.  We will give a voice to the voiceless, building a diverse network of reformers from every corner of the state to be lead-messengers for our policy proposals to lawmakers and media.