Our Vision

Imagine Wisconsin has a government that works on behalf of the people, rather than attack our freedoms, raise barriers for parental choice, and drive away business. A government that puts forth bold policy solutions to compete with states like Texas and Florida for new businesses and jobs.

A state budget that unleashes the full power of the free enterprise system, gives all Wisconsinites the opportunity to realize the American Dream, and is more accountable to taxpayers. All children have access to a high-quality K-12 education and upon graduation, are given the skills they need in higher education or workforce development in order to prosper and raise a family. Our healthcare system is the envy of the country, producing affordable, free market coverage.

Imagine community leaders, from all corners, rise up to have their voices heard, supporting free market reforms.

Now imagine how Wisconsin gets there.

IRG Action Fund is led by a team who has decades of getting results for the conservative movement in Wisconsin. We are driven to restoring the American Dream in the Badger State, from getting results in government to amplifying community voices.

Join us in working to make it Morning in Wisconsin Again!