IRG Action Fund Unveils Petition Drive in Support of Middle Class Tax Cut

Petition drive will run until the budget is signed, asking Gov. Evers to sign the historic middle class tax cut into law.

DELAFIELD, WI – Today, IRG Action Fund, the 501(c)4 advocacy partner of the Institute for Reforming Government, started a petition drive supporting the historic middle class tax cut approved by the Joint Committee on Finance on Thursday evening. Chris Reader, IRG Action Fund Executive Vice President, issued the following statement upon the start of the effort:

“The tax plan included by the Joint Finance Committee is good for all Wisconsinites. It is an historic tax cut for the middle class, helping families, workers and small employers while also driving real growth in the economy. This should be an easy one for strong bipartisan support, especially when sitting on an almost $7 billion dollar surplus.

Unfortunately, the defenders of big government will work overtime to stop this. We need families and workers all over the state, from the Northwoods to Milwaukee, to contact Governor Evers and tell him to sign this tax cut.”

Wisconsinites looking to show their support of the tax cut can tell Governor Evers and their lawmakers at