Demand Tax Relief Now!

Wisconsin’s current tax system is uncompetitive and outdated.

As hardworking taxpayers of Wisconsin, we urge you to support transformational income tax reform that reduces our taxes and puts Wisconsin on a path to not having an income tax. Senate Bill (SB) 1 would put us on that path by implementing a 3.25% flat tax, making our state competitive for middle class families, workers, and employers. 

The choice is clear: Wisconsin will either continue down the path of a progressive tax system, forcing businesses and workers to leave for states with no-income tax, like Tennessee and Florida, or we will join the ranks of states across the country competing to slash their tax rates.

Our Midwest neighbors in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan all have flat income taxes. Meanwhile Iowa is moving to a flat tax while also on a path to complete elimination. States like Arkansas and Mississippi are looking to eliminate their income tax altogether. In the battle for workers and families, states that don’t lower, flatten, or eliminate their taxes are going to continue to lose out to states that are. 

The current tax system in Wisconsin is uncompetitive and outdated, and it undermines the long-term economic health of our state. By taking bold action now and supporting SB 1 and other bills that dramatically transform our income tax structure, you will ensure that Wisconsin is a great place to live, work, and do business for generations to come.

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