IRG Action’s Chris Reader Praises Assembly Passage of Middle Class and Retirement Income Tax Relief


SEPTEMBER 12, 2023

Delafield, WI – Moments ago, the State Assembly approved Assembly Bill 386 on a 64-35 vote. The legislation would provide $772 annual savings for over 1.7 million income tax filers in Wisconsin if signed into law. Chris Reader, the Executive Vice President of IRG Action Fund, offered the following statement praising the vote:

“While the vote today should have been bipartisan, we thank Rep. Steffen for bringing this bill forward, and we thank all who voted YES this afternoon. AB 386 will help Wisconsin become more like Florida for retirees and will help families at a time when middle class workers need help.

“The lawmakers who voted yes understand that it’s time to let workers and retirees keep what they’ve earned, especially with inflation still too high. We hope the bill will continue to earn support going forward, and we look forward to continuing to work to flatten and eliminate the income tax in Wisconsin, making our state competitive nationally.”

IRG Action Fund sent a memo to lawmakers earlier Tuesday urging support for AB 386. Read that memo here.


IRG Action Fund is the advocacy and lobbying partner to the Institute for Reforming Government (IRG), a public policy think tank based in Delafield, Wisconsin. IRG and IRG Action Fund are the leading organizations in Wisconsin working to eliminate the state income tax.