IRG Action Testifies in Support of SB 1 & Transformational Tax Reform Before State Lawmakers

Delafield, WI – IRG Action Fund Executive Vice President Chris Reader and Director of State Budget and Government Reform Alex Ignatowski yesterday delivered testimony to the Wisconsin Senate Committee on Universities and Revenue in support of S.B. 1, legislation to cut taxes and implement a 3.25% flat tax.

In their testimony, Reader and Ignatowski highlight the economic and social benefits of implementing a flat tax, while also making the case that it is a critical first step in eventually eliminating Wisconsin’s income tax entirely, a key goal for IRG Action.

Read below for an excerpt from their testimony:

“Taxpayers are frustrated that they have to pay so much to the state government, especially when government spending seems unchecked, is higher per capita than many other states including all of our neighbors, and at a time when the state has a $7 billion dollar surplus. Middle class families are also feeling the pinch as inflation woes continue, and a recession seems just around the corner.

“The status quo is unacceptable. You have an opportunity before you to rework the state’s tax framework and help middle class workers bring home bigger paychecks while injecting a boost into the economy. It’s time to make Wisconsin the best state in the Midwest and competitive nationally when it comes to our income tax. Senate Bill 1 would do just that by ushering in a new era of bold tax policy in the Badger state. It would put Wisconsin on the map for investors, workers, and employers.”

Click here to read their full testimony.