IRG Action Applauds Senate Education Committee for Advancing K-12 Legislation

Madison, Wis. — Moments ago, the Wisconsin Senate Education Committee advanced several significant, IRG Action-backed education reform bills, including: school choice for all, breaking-up Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS), ending DPI’s manipulation of school report card data, allowing microschools, protecting parental rights, requiring in-person learning options, and expanding public charter schools. 

Chris Reader, Executive Vice President at IRG Action Fund, had this to say following the votes:

“It is time for bold education reforms that allow every family to decide where their children go to school, expand access to exceptional courses and materials, and finally break up the failing Milwaukee Public School District. Senator Darling and the Senate Education Committee deserve credit for putting parents and children first and special interests last.

“We urge the full Senate to pass Senator Darling’s groundbreaking education reform package before they adjourn. It’s time to give all Wisconsin parents and families freedom to decide what is best for their children.”

The votes today follow hundreds of Wisconsinites signing an IRG Action petition in support of school choice for all, breaking up MPS, and in support of the Parental Bill of Rights legislation.

Chris Reader along with Michael Brickman, Senior Fellow at the Institute for Reforming Government, testified at the Senate Education Committee Hearing last week. Their full testimony can be found below:

1. School Choice for All (SB 974) Read our full testimony here. Read testimony from Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist here

2. Splitting Milwaukee Public Schools into smaller school districts (SB 963) Read our full testimony here. Testimony from AEI Senior Fellow Howard Husock explaining the positive outcomes from breaking up urban school districts here.

3. Expanding Independent Charter Schools (SB 964 & SB 965) Read our full testimony here.