Over 150 Milwaukee-area Taxpayers Sign Petition to Break Up MPS

Through the efforts of IRG Action, over 150 taxpayers in the Milwaukee-area signed the petition below to support improving the Milwaukee Public School District (MPS) by breaking it up into smaller districts. With only 4.2% of students proficient or better in Math, MPS is broken and in need of massive reforms.  Taxpayers from all over Wisconsin continue to spend money with little to no results to show for it. Since 2010, state government has spent over $7.3 billion on state general and categorical aid payments to Milwaukee Public Schools.

“Parents in Milwaukee understand all too well, sadly, that Milwaukee Public School District is broken and needs massive, structural reforms. As one of the worst performing urban school districts in the country, MPS is simply too big to succeed and too broken to be healed through half-measures,” said CJ Szafir, CEO of IRG Action Fund.  “Hardworking, everyday Wisconsin families across the state have spent over $7.3 billion since 2010 on Milwaukee Public Schools with no accountability and disastrous results. Smaller districts will weaken the power of the unions and give parents a closer relationship to their school board and administration.”

We need help to improve education for Milwaukee’s students. Add your name to support splitting MPS into smaller districts! Add your name to tell lawmakers you support the MPS reform bills Senate bill 963 and Assembly bill 966.

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