IRG Action Statement on Assembly Vote to Break Up MPS

Madison, Wis. — Today, the Wisconsin Assembly passed legislation to break up MPS and improve one of the country’s worst performing school districts. CJ Szafir, CEO of IRG Action had this to say following the vote:

“This historic bill is crucial to changing the educational trajectory for many urban students. Because of the sheer size of the Milwaukee Public School District, it’s simply too big to succeed. By splitting up the district into smaller districts students will have an opportunity at a better education. This change is needed in order for the Milwaukee Public School district to improve educational outcomes and move away from one of the worst performing districts in the country.”

IRG Action’s Chris Reader testified in the Assembly Education Committee recently about breaking up MPS:

“Milwaukee Public School District is simply ‘too big to succeed’ and too broken to be healed through half-measures.  Something must be done, and we applaud the authors of AB 966 for starting this conversation.”

 Read our full testimony here