Press Release – IRG Action Urges Lawmakers to Support School Choice for All, Empowering Parents, & Breaking-up MPS

Madison, Wis. — Today, the Assembly Education Committee will have a public hearing on parts of the historic, IRG Action-backed, K-12 education reform package, which includes school choice for all, breaking-up Milwaukee Public Schools, childhood literacy reforms, and expanding public charter schools. Executive Vice President Chris Reader will be testifying. 

“It’s time for Wisconsin to lead the nation in ensuring that all children have access to a high-quality education,” said Chris Reader, IRG Action’s executive vice president. “From empowering all families with school choice to expanding public charter schools to overhauling Milwaukee’s public school system, the K-12 package makes sure that students and their families are always put first– and special interests last.” 

Full testimony can be found below:

1. School Choice for All (AB 970) Read our full testimony here.

2.  Splitting Milwaukee Public Schools into smaller school districts (AB 966) Read our full testimony here. And read the testimony from AEI Senior Fellow Howard Husock here

3. Expanding Independent Charter Schools (AB 967 & AB 968) Read our full testimony here.

4.  3rd Grade Reading Proficiency (AB 971) Read our full testimony here.

5.  Empowering parents to send children to schools that stay open (AB 995) Read our full testimony here