IRG Action helps over 120 parents voice their support for the Parental Bill of Rights

Later today the Assembly Committee on Education will be hearing testimony on Assembly Bill 963, creating a Parental Bill of Rights – legislation aimed at empowering and protecting the rights of parents throughout Wisconsin. Ahead of this important hearing, IRG made outreach to parents all over the state, helping 123 of them submit a letter in support of the bill this morning.

Here is what one mother-of-three from Hartland, Haley Sweeney, had to say about this important piece of legislation: “It’s vital that we as parents are in charge of our children’s education, and this starts with ensuring we have the necessary legal rights and that they are protected by law. This legislation underscores the important, yet seemingly forgotten fact that parents, not the state, should always have the first and last say in any matter involving our children.”

As IRG Action has reached out to and talked with parents all across the state, one thing they all have in common is wanting to be deeply involved in the education of their children. IRG Action is proud to help parents make their voices heard in the halls of the state capitol on legislation that enshrines into law their fundamental rights as parents.

A summary of the Parental Bill of Rights can be found in Center Square today and IRG Action CEO CJ Szafir discussed it on The Vicki McKenna Show.  To learn about the full IRG-backed K-12 education package, click here.

Read below for the full text of the letter that was submitted to lawmakers:

Dear Wisconsin lawmakers, 

We are parents of public-school children in Wisconsin, as well as Wisconsin taxpayers. We are writing today in support of Assembly Bill (AB) 963, important and necessary legislation that will create a Parental Bill of Rights in Wisconsin.

Parents like us want to be deeply involved in the education of our children. We want to be partners with their teachers and school administrators. Unfortunately, too often the school establishment stands against parents like us who sincerely care about our children’s education and experiences while in school. This is deeply concerning to us.

We applaud Representative Gundrum, Senator Darling, and the cosponsors of AB 963 for taking a stand for parents. The legislation will help parents take back power from the public-school establishment, ultimately empowering parents and improving outcomes for children. Please support the legislation when you have an opportunity so that the fundamental rights of parents as it relates to the upbringing, education, health care, and mental health of their children is clear and protected in Wisconsin.

To read the letter with the full list of signatures, click here.